These pages are some of my favorite ones. Anime, Osts, Funny, Cars, random.

If you want me to put your link here let me know by using the contact page!


Ichigos – A big collection with anime and gaming sheetmusic.
Joshs Anime Sheet Music – Another one of my favorite sites with tons of anime sheetmusic.

Original Soundtracks
Gamemp3s – Game Ost using torrent. Good website nice layout.
KH Insider – A big big collection of gaming originals soundtracks.
The Hylia – A big big collection of anime original soundtracks, and some anime downloads.
Otaku World – Another website with original soundtracks, but in Spanish 🙁

Kevin Lee Piano – This guy plays the piano so beautifully! I been following him for years!
Magic of Rahat – This guy does a lot of magic stunts in drive thrus. The best part is peoples reactions.
Muscle Vs Tuner – Just some random guys talking about different cars. Really funny though!
Nintendo – Latest news on games.
Playstation – Latest news on games.